BI Training Services

With this service we deliver a complex training on methods and concepts in BI. All BI systems work basing on unified concepts and methods. This training allows you to accustom with those methods and terms, so you can put it in use in any BI tool. Training covers following areas:

  • Major BI concepts, traditional and modern methods of working with BI
  • Design and creation of Data Structures, mainly using SQL
  • Design and creation of Reports/Dashboards; Methods of design and creation of Reports and Dashboards
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Sisense Trainings

As an official partner of Sisense, QBeeQ offers a wide selection of trainings covering many aspects of Sisense BI platform. We train in:

  • Design and creation of Data Structures
  • Design and creation of Dashboards
  • Platform management
  • Use of Dashboards by end users
  • Basics of creation of your own plugins, and also basics on how to embed Sisense within other applications
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Do you need help on selecting BI tool? Interested in creating effective data structures and analysis? Do you need training in BI or for Sisense?