6.7.1 - Click to see details

Release Date: September 4, 2017

Release Summary

Improvements and bug fixes

New Features and Improvements

Selected Bug Fixes

  • The ‘Others’ slice in Pie charts was not abbreviated as expected
  • Changes to font colors in Text widgets were not displayed in Internet Explorer 11
  • Occasionally when updating a dependent filter via a member selection in a widget, the filter type changes from single to multi-selection
  • Filters and some nested objects were not translated as expected by the metadata aliasing mechanism after implementing custom translations for the Sisense Web Application
  • YTD/MTD/QTDSUM functions in widgets without a date field could return incorrect results when used in conjunction with dashboard-level date filters
  • Importing .ecdata files with data type mismatches could result in a server crash
  • Polar charts were not displayed correctly when the same dimension was included in Categories and Break By
6.7.0 - Click to see details

Release Date: August 6, 2017 – Hotfix #2 –  August 20, 20176.7.0.11001 Hotfix #1  – August 15, 2017

  • Occasionally, dashboards were not loaded as expected. This issue is related to cookie expiration and can be resolved by logging out and logging back into the Sisense Web Application. – Sisense V6.7 official release –  August 6, 2017

Release Summary

  • Official release of Sisense V6.7

Before You Upgrade to Sisense 6.7

Sisense has made significant changes to its infrastructure including upgrading to a newer version of its application database (MongoDB), which supports the Sisense Web Application.

To make your upgrade as seamless as possible, see the Sisense V6.7 Upgrade Guide before upgrading to Sisense V6.7.


Breaking Changes

Application Database

Sisense has improved the security of the application database included in the Sisense installation. All access to it must now be authenticated. If you access the application database directly, you must access the database with users created by Sisense during the Sisense installation. For more information, see Accessing the Application Database.

High Availability

If you have implemented replica sets to support a high availability deployment, you need to reconfigure your replica set to work with the MongoDB V3.4 supported by Sisense, and to use the relevant database user credentials. For more information, see Replica Sets.

ElastiCube Memory Settings

If you have set a specific percentage for ElastiCube memory usage in the ElastiCube server settings, it will be changed back to ‘Dynamic’ by default to support the new Garbage Collector mechanism. Contact Sisense Technical Support if you believe this may have any negative effect on your performance before making any changes.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

If you have customized your Google Analytics or Adwords files GAnalytics.Tables and AdWords.Tables XML files in the following directory:

%AppData% \Roaming\Sisense\Prism\LocalRepository2.0\Resources\Google\Analytics (or Adwords)

you should move these files to the following directories to continue using the Google Analytics and Google Adwords connectors without any interruption:



If this directory does not exist, create it and then move your XML files to this directory.

New Features and Improvements

Enhanced Sisense Reports and Pivot Exporting

  • Export pivot tables to Excel while maintaining your pivot’s layout and structure (Documentation)
  • Export pivot tables into customizable, multi-page PDF reports (Documentation)

Sisense Narratives                                        

  • Add automatically generated text to popular widgets that communicates your analytics and provides insights of your data
  • See Sisense Narratives for more information
  • This feature is available for customers who purchased the Natural Language Package package. For details contact your CSM.

Plug-in Management

  • Manage your plug-ins from a centralized UI in the Sisense Web Application
  • Control which plug-ins are enabled or disabled
  • See Managing Plug-ins for more information

Sisense Monitor                                        

  • Easily monitor information about your system, including system utilization (CPU, memory and disk space), Elasticube build times, dashboard query times, and more.
  • See Sisense Monitor for additional information.
  • This feature is being released gradually and has a waiting list. For more details regarding this service, contact your CSM.

Data Connectors

  • Google Analytics connector enhancements  (Documentation)
    • Support for segments, filters, and sorting
  • The following data connectors are now available in beta
    • Sharepoint
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Contact your CSM for the latest beta connectors

Sisense Mobile

  • Drilling is now natively supported in Sisense Mobile
  • Focus on a single widget to easily view and interact with the data using mobile app gestures such as (two fingers) zoom in/out
  • SSO support
  • See Viewing Dashboards on Mobile Devices for more information.

ElastiCube Engine

  • Enhancements to the memory Garbage Collection mechanism provide up to X10 performance improvements under high-load & memory intensive circumstances

Improved Application Database Security

  • Authenticated access to the application database
  • HTTPS support for connections to the application database
  • Access to the application database is limited to the local host. You can add access from external IP addresses, if necessary.


  • New Running Sum Function – Accumulate a running total of a value. Now available in the quick function menu and the formula editor as RSum()
  • ElastiCube sets now include a failover option. You can define a cube that will be the failover option for an ElastiCube set, and will only be used if none of the other cubes in the set are available (Documentation)
  • Reporting enhancements for scale – identical reports are sent together to reduce server load and support higher PDF generation loads

Select Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, the Sisense Web Application could not locate the ElastiCube associated with a dashboard
  • When a dashboard was not imported successfully, no error message was displayed
  • Some custom REST connectors were displayed as Live connectors when adding a live connector
  • When browsing locally in Sisense V6.4.1, a blank page was displayed when opening the Sisense Login page
  • Refreshing the connectivity settings deleted custom import queries
  • The Sisense MongoDB ODBC connector V2.2.1 could only import 4096 rows
  • When a broken value was present in Column, Bar, Line, or Area charts, the Drill Into option was not displayed from the dashboard
  • In some cases, the text widget may not appear as expected in the Sisense Mobile app
  • The ElastiCube server crashed when importing an .ecdata file in some circumstances
  • Build failures when importing data from Google Analytics that generated error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded were resolved
  • When implementing localization, the POST and PATCH Settings/Globalization endpoints in the REST API did not update the date and number formats as expected
  • Text widgets with background colors in multi-column layouts did not display as expected
  • In FireFox, bar and pie charts did not respond when hovering the mouse of the widgets
  • The ElastiCube & Data Sets page loaded slowly when there are large amounts of ElastiCube Sets
  • In some cases, custom expressions did not display strings correctly in the Preview window in the ElastiCube Manager
  • Build errors that resulted in “Could not connect to” (or higher port number) errors
  • In high availability environments, Orchestrator-related build issues


  • Exporting a Pivot table to PDF is supported for up to 10,000 rows only and the following plug-ins are not support:
    1. Embed images to Pivot tables
    2. Conditional format Pivot foreground
    3. Embed a sparkline chart into a Pivot
  • When exporting a Pivot to Excel, formatting and data-bars are not supported
  • Running Sums (RSUM) are not supported on live data sources
  • Grand-Totals break the entire query (widget error) when used in conjunctions with the function
  • Sub-Totals are aggregated as an independent series, which is distracting and logically inaccurate
  • Sisense V6.7 does not support FIPS 140-2. This issue is currently planned to be resolved in Sisense V7.0
  • During the upgrade process for high availability deployments, the following files are overwritten:
    1. default.yaml
    2. Sisense.WebQueryService.exe.config
    3. Mongodbconfig.conf
    4. Configuration updates performed on these files, will need to be reconfigured following the upgrade
6.6.1 - Click to see details

Release Date: May 19, 2017

Release Summary

Improvements and bug fixes

New Features and Improvements

Sisense Pulse

  • Define alerts for more widgets, including Line, Bar, Area, and Column charts (Documentation)
  • New ‘Between’ condition added for data alerts
  • Added JavaScript customization support for Pulse tiles and Pulse page (Documentation)

Performance Enhancements

  • Significant improvements to dashboard load times due to optimizations in Indicator and Text widgets

Data Connectors

Sisense has significantly upgraded several data connectors:

  • Facebook
    • Facebook has been split into two connectors, Facebook and Facebook Ads
      If you previously connected to Facebook Ads tables with an earlier version of the Facebook connector, you can continue to connect to those tables by changing the connectivity settings for those tables. For more information, see Change Connectivity Settings.’
    • Easily add tables without custom SQL
    • Automatic retry mechanism for Facebook Ads to improve build success
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
    • Support added for Relations and Synonyms
  • Generic ODBC
    • Reduced data import times
    • Customizable ODBC connections to support more data sources (Documentation)
  • Custom REST
    • Define schema maps for data sources (Documentation)
      Note:  New procedure for upgrading Sisense when using Custom REST connectors (Documentation)

Selected Bug Fixes

  • In certain scenarios, the Gauge and Indicator widgets were not displayed as expected
  • In some browsers and devices, when hovering over certain parts of a widget, the tooltip was displayed in another part of the dashboard
  • In some instances, multiple copies of some email reports were sent to users
  • When changing connectivity settings on Google Analytics tables, all the views were selected by default
  • Extra delimiters at the end of CSV headers caused the build to fail
  • RedShift connector occasionally converted Float types to Strings
  • Some dashboards were not displayed as expected when published to thousands of users at a time
  • Authenticated users over SSO could not connect to Sisense using multiple devices, concurrently
  • Some data connectors might not be available after restarting your system
  • TempCloudML folder size was not restricted in disk space
  • Pie Chart might display a grayed out image when no results are returned
6.6.0 - Click to see details

Release Date: April 18, 2017

Release Summary

  • Official release of Sisense V6.6

New Features and Improvements

Introducing Sisense Live Connect

  • Access, govern and visualize live data directly from SQL Server, MySql, Postgres, and Redshift for an immediate view of your data
  • Present live and ElastiCube data in the same dashboard for a more complete analysis
  • Refresh widgets with live data automatically or manually from the Sisense Web Application
  • For more information, click here

To see how you can connect to live data sources, check out this video demo.

Enhanced Sisense Reports

  • Transform dashboards into professional, and easy-to-read PDF reports
  • Export Table widgets into customized multi-page PDF reports
  • Control how dashboards look and feel with predefined paper sizes and customized headers and footers
  • Preview reports from the Report Settings window before sharing
  • For more information, click here

To see how you can generate beautiful PDF reports, check out this video demo.

New Sisense Migration Capabilities

  • Easily copy dashboards across environments from the Sisense Web Application
  • Import and export multiple dashboards in a single .dash file
  • For more information, click here

To see several examples of how you can migrate Sisense dashboards, check out this video demo.

Internationalization and Localization

  • Sisense supports multiple languages on the same Sisense server
  • Users can select their preferred language from the Sisense Web Application
  • Translate more Sisense metadata including widget titles, dashboard names, and folder names (Documentation)
  • Define default languages for new users and groups
  • Italian now supported


  • Improved security for Sisense user passwords which are now encrypted with a stronger encryption methodology

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Perform operations (export/delete/copy to server) on multiple dashboards and folders at once
  • Support for filters from multiple data sources in the same dashboard

Mobile Filters

  • New filtering functionality included in the Sisense mobile app.

To see the Mobile App in action, check out this video demo.

Data Connectors

  • Bing (Documentation)
  • Box (Documentation)
  • Google AdWords API has been updated to the latest version, v201702. Google Adwords API v201607  supported by Sisense v6.5.1 and earlier has been deprecated.
  • ServiceNow, Youtube, Youtube Analytics are available for general release
  • Accumulative builds for numeric data supported for Facebook, DynamoDB, HubSpot
  • Improved rate limitation handling for Facebook
  • Sisense now supports the following for Splunk:
    • Importing the latest artifact from a list instead of the first (oldest) one
    • Importing data from specific Splunk apps


  • ElastiCube performance enhancements including faster queries when used in conjunction with Rank filtering, Statistical functions, and Distinct Count
  • Many more REST API  capabilities (Documentation)
  • More PSM.exe commands added for automating ElastiCube model changes (Documentation)
  • Windows 2016 is now supported

Selected Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, builds failed with the message: “Failed to Load Elasticube <name of the EC> Process” for several build types and during various build stages
  • In certain scenarios, builds failed with the message “Connection Lost”, during the calculation of custom tables
  • Occasionally, the Dashboard navigation tree did not load as expected or after a significant amount of time
  • Inner arrays in Custom REST Connectors were not handled as expected for certain data sources
  • Importing tables from Google Analytics failed in some cases with the message: “GA analytics query returned wrong results” thrown by the data source
  • The full Google Analytics paths were not displayed in tooltips in the ElastiCube Manager
  • Exported CSV files with certain escape characters were not displayed as expected
  • When applying date-related filters to Calendar Heatmaps, the widget was not displayed as expected
  • When changing connectivity settings, Change Source Provider did not change the source for each table for a data source
  • Calendar heatmap widgets were not displayed correctly when uBlock was installed
  • The GET /elasticubes/{elasticube}/Sql endpoint with certain queries returned a parsing error
  • The POST /elasticubes/ attach and detach endpoints did not work as expected
  • When changing the Min and Max values of a Gauge widget, the values were not updated in certain scenarios
  • After upgrading to Sisense V6.5, some existing Active Directory users experienced login issues


Sisense Live Connect

The current features are not supported by live connections:

  • Pulse alerts
  • Bow & Whisker and Heatmaps
  • R is not currently supported
  • Some functions are not currently supported

Sisense Reports

  • The current plug-ins are not supported in Sisense Reports:
    • Accordion
    • Forecasting

Downgrading from v6.6

  • To increase Sisense server security, starting from Sisense v6.6, user passwords stored in the Sisense server are encrypted with a stronger encryption algorithm. When downgrading from v6.6, all users who have logged into version 6.6 will need to reset their passwords. Alternatively, after downgrade from 6.6, you can restore all user information from a previous backup of a version lower than v6.6.
6.5.2 - Click to see details

Release Date: January 22, 2017

Release Summary

Improvements and bug fixes

Announcing Breaking Changes

Google Adwords

The Google AdWords API has been updated to the latest version – v201609. Earlier versions of the Google Adwords API have been deprecated by Google and are no longer supported. Due to the updated API, the following fields are no longer supported by Google:

  • CostPerConvertedClick
  • ConvertedClicks

This update affects the following tables:

  • Ad Group (Report), Daily Report
  • Ad Group (Report), Monthly Report
  • Geo Performance Report
  • Search Query Performance, Daily Report
  • Search Query Performance, Monthly Report
  • Keyword, Daily Report

New Features and Improvements

New Data Connectors

Custom REST API Enhancements

The Sisense Custom REST API now supports:

  • Nested objects in Post requests
  • Several new pagination options
  • CSV, XML, and JSON responses
  • For more information click here.

REST API User Authentication

Sisense has removed the REST API token from the Admin page. This token is used for REST API v0.9 authentication methodology. While this methodology is still supported and available through the REST API, Sisense recommends implementing the REST API v 1.0 methodology, as described here.

For information about retrieving a token through the REST API v 0.9 authentication methodology, click here.

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Sisense Pulse notifications were not sent from remote ElastiCubes
  • In some scenarios, since Sisense v6.4.2, custom tables took longer to build than expected
  • When building ElastiCubes with accumulative builds in Sisense v6.5, under certain conditions the build time was longer than expected
  • Tables were not loaded as expected when connecting to ElastiCubes with Chinese names through the Sisense ElastiCube connector
  • After importing data through the SalesForce connector, any new fields subsequently added were not imported into the ElastiCube
  • Title casing was applied to the main title of Indicator widgets even when written in all uppercase letters
  • In some configurations, new fields were not displayed in the Data Browser when creating a widget or filter
  • When embedding the Sisense Pulse page, the page was not displayed as expected
  • When applying data security to a field, only the top five search results were displayed when searching for an accessible value
  • Changing the default language to Russian did not change the language displayed in automatic emails
  • In Sisense v6.5.1, background filters were not displayed
6.5.1 - Click to see details

Release Date: January 1, 2017

Release Summary

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Pulse functionality improved to send alerts to Sisense mobile users by default
  • Greater flexibility added to the Custom REST @today parameter through the TodayFormat key
  • POST /dashboards/{dashboardid}/widgets endpoint creates widgets and displays them in the specified dashboard in a single call

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Exporting Text widgets to PDF in Sisense 6.5 returned unexpected artifacts
  • Line Charts exported to PDF in Sisense 6.5 PDF were not displayed as expected
  • The PASTYEAR function returned the wrong year when the Weeks dimension was applied
  • In some scenarios, the secondary value of an Indicator widget was not displayed
  • Tables exported to CSV with line breaks and commas were not displayed properly
  • Pivot Tables exported to CSV may return unexpected results