KRON – Krajowy Rejestr Operacji Naczyniowych (National Vascular Procedures Register), is a system which’s main goal is to acquire information on vascular procedures across entire Poland. System supports quick and effective data acquisition as well as processing this data for various reports. It is a centralized platform, which allows:

  • patients history tracking
  • updating status of past procedures in other hospitals/clinics
  • reporting and statetments
  • conducting scientific research
  • statistical information on procedures and results across multiple measures

Technology & Architecture

KRON was designed to be as simple as possible for users to use, and easy to access. Centralized architecture, and modern web technologie allowed to achieve multiple advantages such as:

  • Simple updates
  • Access from any device just by using any common web browser
  • Responsive User Interface
  • End user isolation from sensitive data such as personal information

Thanks to this approach system is easy and friendly in use, and accessibility from any place and device allows for instant user access. Gathered data, after being processed, allow to create precise reports, and track up-to date history of a given patient.


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