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Compact and easy to use data acquisition systems for healthcare.

Satisfied Partners

While cooperating with TRES, QBeeQ proved to be a creative Company, and also very dedicated to resolving issues which was done very effectively. The entire cooperation was done fairly and efficiently. That lead to successful implementation of the project, and increasing overall efficiency of entire company.

Eryk Burzec
Partner, TRES

QBeeQ i very dependable and trustworthy partner. In all our projects we achieved very valuable and interesting solutions for our problems, thanks to professional approach and positive attitude to all challenges that were risen. I recommend QBeeQ, as very solid partner for anyone looking for help and support in Business Intelligence.

Mike Stedman
Director, Res Consortium

QBeeQ proved to have an excellent knowledge of tools and technical solutions required to create KRON(National vascular operations register). Thanks to technical problem solving attitude, and effective communication, we were able to finish the project in timely fashion. All works on the system went very effectively and fairly.

Prof. PhD MD Piotr Gutowski
Polish Vascular Surgeons Association

Happi is a mobile survey data collection platform that operates through networks of two types of partners in 12 countries and every piece of management information, inter-partner billing, client deliverable reports, and user base measurement is managed on our Sisense implementation. Sisense is a wonderfully powerful and flexible tool, but it would be useless to us without Qbeeq. Our technical staff develop our software and don’t have time to fuss with reports. Our business staff are not technical and, although Sisense is simpler than other reporting tools, it still requires an understanding of data concepts and the tool has a learning curve we chose not to invest in crossing. Sisense introduced us to Qbeeq as an outsourced report development and maintenance service provider, and we couldn’t be happier with the knowledge, responsiveness, value, and, most of all, deep understanding of our business Qbeeq provides. They have quite literally become our reports team, and, as we are in the business of selling data, this is absolutely critical to our business. We are in Singapore and they in Poland and even with the timezone challenges, Qbeeq is still the most responsive service provider we have. Most of our requests are implemented in a matter of hours. Complex ones take a few days. Communication is constant and effective. We quite literally couldn’t run our business on Sisense without this level of support and expertise.

Greg Lipper
Chief Happiness Officer


Training Services

Training services are covering methods and concepts in Business Intelligence. We offer trainings in general methods used in Business Intelligence, as well as their usage in particular tools, with main focus on Sisense. This includes Data Structures, Reports and Dashboards.


We help to implement many different BI systems, including Sisense. With this service we help to analyse reporting and analytical requirements in regard to used BI tool. We also provide with implementation plan and assistance executing this plan.

Advisory Services

With this service we advise on selecting appropriate BI platform, and we also plan data structures. We cover the entire process of design and implementation of data structures in BI tools. Along with that we also offer help on analysis and reports.

Healthcare Systems

We specialize in creation of data acquisition systems from basics. Our systems are very functional, with easy processes of data input. Additionally we provide, after implementation is finished, full support services and further development of the systems.

Sisense BI

QBeeQ is official partner of Sisense in Poland and Europe

Complex services in regard to implementation of Sisense BI, including hardware analysis taking into account volume of data sources.

Installation and configuration of Sisense, including analysis and implementation of Data Structures, Reports and Dashboards.

Training preparing to use Sisense effectively in regard to Data Structures, Reports and Dashboards design and preparation.